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PHOTOMETRIK GmbH is a service company for various photometric measurements. Our range of standardized measurements covers all from measurement of luminous flux of lamps and luminaires, over classification of photobiological safety, to testing of automotive headlamps as specified by ECE and SAE regulations.
In addition to our measurement services we also offer scientific tool building, expert and review activities and software developement in the field of lighting, light and color.

The following list shows few examples from out portfolio. Feel free to contact us for more specific issues.

  •  Photometric Measurements according to DIN EN 13032
    • luminous flux Φν of a wide range of light sources
    • luminous efficacy ην of a wide range of light sources
    • qualification of the energy efficiency class of lamps according to VO EU 874/2012
    • goniophotometric measurement of the light distribution of lamps and luminaires to get photometric data
    • creation of *.LDT or *.IES files
  • Measurement of automotive headlamps, motorcycles or tail lamps in accordance to the corresponding ECE regulations
    • headlamps: R1, R5, R8, R20, R56, R57, R72, R76, R82, R98, R112, R113, R123
    • daytime running lights (DRL): R87
    • rear position lamps, stop-lamps and tail lights: R7, R50
    • direction indicators: R6, R50
    • reflectors: R3, R104
  • Other measurements
    • photobiological safety of lamps and lamp systems IEC 62471 as well as DIN IEC/TR 62778
    • escape signs defined in DIN EN 1838
    • spatially resolved luminance measurements
    • on site measurement of illuminance and luminance

Our processing time is usually around 10 days.
If you should have an urgend project, measurements will be possible within 24 hours, 48 hours or over weekends if it is technically possible.


Who we are

PHOTOMETRIK offers various Measurement and Engineering Services in the field of lighting. Our focus is on taking photometric measurements for the preperation of simulation data and data sheets as well as examination of lighting products according to common standards. We are commited to personal support and tailored services.

The company was founded by the three lighting engineers Andreas Groh, Nils Haferkemper and Wjatscheslaw Pepler in July 2013 in Darmstadt (Rhine-Maine area). Our aim is to provide high quality services in fast response for all our products. As a young company we maintain a transparent and open company culture. As a matter of course we are bound to maintain absolute confidentiality and neutrality towards our valued customers.

  • Measure what can be measured, and make measurable what cannot be measured.

    - Galileo Galilei -

Our Team

Introducing ourselves

Our Team consists of three former research associates of the Laboratory of Lighting Technology at the  TU Darmstadt. Despite their different backgrounds and PhD topics we were able to put together an efficient team with complementary expertise. Our core competence is in photometry and spectroscopy and is completed by extensive knowledge on physiology.


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Our latest acquisition

The latest measurement system in out lab is a LMK 5.1 Color from Technoteam. The luminance cameras from Technoteam (straight out of…

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